Crazy Games this 2016

A relatively old game but still has some aces up its sleeves. No wonder there are still lots of new players everyday playing this game. Especially that it targets both the android and the iOS market, sims freeplay certainly kicks some punch. Admittedly, it is a smaller and more compact version of the original SIMS, all the essentials of role playing and living like a real person are still intact. Thought the waiting is now shorter, still there is so much going on in the game that keeps players occupied. I know of some tricks but you can try it yourself from the cheat-world site. You'll be amazed at how their trainer get you going.  

Plants vs zombies has already made its mark as one of the most played games of all time. And that is why so many variations has been released. Take for example Garden Warfare 2 has turned the previous game to a first person role playing like game. Pretty interesting though and lets players get to visit what stories could be behind the old wars between the two creatures. 

Mirror Edge Catalyst 2 is like a modern day ninja game. No longer covering their faces with masks to conseal their personal identity. But still able to do martial art moves and even more death defying acts like jumping from one building to another. But this time, the protagonist is a girl and with some badass moves.  Proving her worth, she defies all that comes her way and you my friend will certainly love it!